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    Exam 5 had the same questions on all the “cheaters” out there, I think it was less prevalent than the fears of those who thought everyone was cheating.

    For the most part outside of exam 6 most of the upper level exams you need such a quick and deep understanding of the material that having a quick peek at your notes would net you maybe 1 or 2 points on the whole exam anyway.

    to be honest the only thing having all of your notes next to you for exams 7,8, 9 would do is help on the random formula’s you have only seen twice since starting the material months ago but they are asking you to remember and use. Everything else you need to really understand (the way they want you to) to answer the questions as of the last 2 years

    With how poorly the CAS write’s their beloved blooms questions you have to guess at what the heck they even want you to do half the time anyway.

    When they rolled out the CBT plan for exam 5 they said in their webinar that the goal was to get to all online exams and for the uppers they would eventually be open book similarly to how engineering exams are. That just makes way too much sense for the CAS to ever do it though, because we all know on a regular basis if we need to attempt some method we haven’t used in a while we make sure to do it from memory and don’t check the source because that is how we were taught to do it on the exam….