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Michael Scott

    I don’t know how they will adjust the grading, but they’ve gotta do something. If they let the people at the end of the window get away with the cheating and grade as is, the people taking it earlier will get screwed, since I seriously doubt the CAS is going to allow 70+% passrates across all exams. You’d think they have something that detects it and fairly accounts for it, but I can’t say I’m hopeful based on how they responded in the webinar when it was brought up.

    I don’t think anyone is disputing the fact that remote testing would have been a safer option given the pandemic. However, that would only work if the CAS did that from the beginning and that’s clearly not the route they chose to go. I actually don’t remember any communication from them that confirmed they would offer a remote option this fall (correct me if I’m wrong), so it probably isn’t helpful to demand the special treatment. IIRC, there was a mythbusters email stating that they weren’t going to offer remote testing. Apart from the cheating concerns (would be far more in a remote environment as another poster pointed out), how would you suggest making it comparable to those who already took their exams?

    To the poster who suggested implementing a 40% curve, hasn’t the CAS explicitly stated the exams are not graded on a curve? But if that’s what happens, that would sure suck for folk who took the exam earlier and didn’t say anything…