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    I totally get why people are worried about cheating. We are talking about an exam with roughly 30% pass rate, even just 5 people sharing contents with their friends will skew the result.

    For those candidate that actually studied for the exam, they don’t need full details about every single question,  some information on the covered topics are more than enough for them to score a few more points.

    In any case, since Fall sitting has mostly done except for candidates had to reschedule because of lockdown, what do people think of the Spring exam schedule? How can CAS office be so confident about the pandemic is fully resolved by then and Pearson VUE’s site capacity is enough within a narrow test window?

    I truly hope CAS would consider remote testing. For people worrying about cheating during remote testing, a way to solve is  to split exam into two parts and each with 2 hours, within the 2 hours candidate is not allowed take any break, which can prevent any washroom break cheating.