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    CAS board members and the Exam Committee:
    I wrote Exam 6c on Dec24 at one of the PearsonVue testing centers and had an unfortunate end to my exam due to the technical difficulty in the testing environment with about 20 mins left in the exam. The keyboard started to malfunction, with spacebar, enter, some numbers, and some letters not being registered in the testing environment. I tried changing the question number (to see if the particular spreadsheet was having the issue), the test center personnel tried to switch keyboards from another machine, but nothing worked. The testing center is aware of what exactly happened and have opened a case with PearsonVue regarding this technical difficulty. I have also sent an email to office@casact.org, ACS@casact.org, and Grievance@casact.org explaining the situation in detail. I’m asking those involved with the exams this sitting to look into this matter with urgency and extreme care. I hope I pass with what I have answered prior to the beginning of this difficult situation and my pass/fail doesn’t depend on the last 20 minutes of the exam where I could’ve answered at least 3 parts of questions that I knew the answer to.
    If Covid-19 wasn’t enough this year, the ending of this exam certainly made it a worse way to end this year.