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    If I had to guess, the CAS won’t make an adjustment for one person.  I know I ran into some difficulties during my exam and I have heard others had some difficulties too.  I couldn’t copy and paste for about 5-10 minutes.  I am sure there are other complaints that will be similar.

    The only real adjustments I think the CAS could do is lower the the total MQC required to pass.  I have no idea how likely this is.  My bet is that they won’t do it, unless there is a clear trend in an exam.

    I think the CAS won’t release pass marks because they don’t want people complaining.  Whether they release how many people took the exam and passed is a different question.

    It is very likely you will get the following type of response to your grievance: “We have looked into your issue and decided not to revise anything.”  Something generic.