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    Sorry I meant people didn’t know how to do 3-4 questions right.

    So we don’t know what that means.  Did people throw down something for them (I did – I have semi-reasonable approaches for most – but who knows) or did people just write formulas.  Who knows what anyone will get on those questions.

    Because of that, that is precisely why I think most people are in a similar boat.  I wouldn’t be surprised that on 2 of them everyone got 0 points for and then it becomes a question how much partial credit you get on the other two.

    BTW I had a friend who consistently left 3-4 questions blank and always passed.  Because he dominated the rest of the test when others didn’t.  He did this on upper levels (he is an FCAS now).

    And for all we know everyone got all 4 questions wrong got 0s and the pass mark was moved from a 70% to a 65%.  That’s pretty unlikely.