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    That was me. And I shared here the response CAS gave me. They said they’ve let the Exam Chair know about my situation. I used the grievance form right after I came home from the exam. I passed the exam so I don’t know whether they adjusted anything or not. If I had failed, I would have been able to look at the questions I missed and see whether they gave me points for my answers in the grievance form or they didn’t.

    Because in the grievance form, I explained them my situation, provided the PEARSONVUE case number and also mentioned the questions I missed and what I wanted to write in those. I felt good (not exceptional) for the other questions I did in the exam. I believe I did enough to pass.

    My interpretation to this is that they might have checked the exam without considering the missed questions. If I passed, then they will probably ignore looking at my grievance form. If I failed, then probably they would have looked at the questions I missed and then decide whether to adjust my grading in anyway or not.

    The questions I missed were not the calculation ones (as those were the ones I did in the beginning). I left those ‘list items’ type of questions at the end, which is what I missed. And I believe I missed 3 of those questions.

    Hope this helps anyone who might face some difficulty in the future. I really hope no one goes through this torture but in case they do, they know what I did.