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    Finally agreed to have my girlfriend’s brother and his girlfriend over to celebrate the two ladies’ recent birthdays so naturally the CAS picks the exact day of those plans to drop my exam results soon after the plans are confirmed. The night is about them so I either, hopefully, have to keep amazing news to myself so the focus stays on the ladies or I have to wallow in silent misery while putting on the happiest face I can muster. The joys of exam result release day.

    In hindsight I clearly should have agreed to do this dinner last week so everyone taking 6U could have had results a week earlier given the CAS clearly was waiting for me to have these plans set in stone so they could pick that day to release results. Sorry to all the other 6U takers out there, had a I realized I would have tried to book this dinner for a month ago.

    All joking aside though, if you asked me when I started taking exams what I thought the worst part was going to be I never would have expected my answer to be “waiting for results to be released.” Best of luck to everyone getting results tomorrow suffering through these last 20 hours or so before results come out. For the Exam 7 and 9 takers hoping for you to get notified of results dropping Friday.