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    I got a 5 this sitting again and walked out knowing I passed after studying for a 10. There is something very wrong with the grading of this exam, I know several people that thought they passed and failed. The CAS has screwed up but will never admit it. There is no way I missed that many points to fail and yet there is nothing we can do. What the CAS should do is look at at the pass rates again. They only allowed everyone one sitting this year and in doing so people were much more prepared and those that were not were given the option not to take and most took it. As such there should have been a much greater passing number as a percent of who took the exam when compared to prior years. The CAS is loosing the faith of many candidates and by revisiting and revising, will show that they care about us. The process was clearly rushed and there is no shame in validating. Not to mention we all took the exam during covid, risking our health and safety, and I highly doubt any consideration was given.