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    Hi Michael,

    It’s great to be thinking of this now so that you will be efficient in preparing.  Many people do not practice writing until the last months before the exam.

    The past two exam sittings have had questions in the Specific Tasks that ask you to use non-technical language.  For example, in June of 2020, there was a question that asked you to summarise a data manipulation processing for your manager.  In the December 2019 exam, there was a question asking you to sell your model to a sales team.  The Executive Summary will always be non-technical.

    There is no penalty for writing too much, but you can lose points for not writing enough.  This grading format favors longer reports.  2-2.5 pages single spaced, or 1,200 – 2,000 words is ideal.

    After you do enough practice exams, you will be able to write more than you thought was originally possible.  We have 9 practice exams in our online course.  There are over 2 hours of tutorials about writing.  The length and number of words is not a good indicator of success because quality matters as much as quality.  Our spelling and grammar lessons give you confidence to craft perfect responses to every question.  Enroll today!

    Best regards,

    Sam Castillo

    Course Instructor