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    Results for 2020 exams in first quarter, so candidates will have all of April to study for their exams!

    I know a lot of exam programs won’t pay for you to sit for another exam until you pass the one you’re on. I wonder if we’ll see changes to that if candidates aren’t expected to get results until 1-2 months before the exams. I could see candidates who took Exam 5 this Fall wanting to take Exam 6 this Spring, then going back to Exam 5 if they failed it.

    Although given that only Exam 8 is being given in Fall 2021, that’ll be trickier for those of us on upper level exams. If you only have Exams 8 and 9 left, and you took 9 this Fall, do you take 8 this Spring and wait a whole year to take 9 again on the chance you passed? Or do you study for 9 again and take the sitting off if you passed it? Or sign up for both, study for both, and cancel 9 if you passed? There’s not really a great approach imo.