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    Meh, I think this is more of an issue for old geezers like myself (YMMV, not saying your old like me haha). I doubt a survey will change much since there will be people more adopted to the computer.

    I am still used to doing stuff on pen and paper… I print out most of the study material so I can read it on paper (as oppose to screen). It’s just too hard to read on a computer, I am just not used to it.

    I am just more used to solving problems on paper… so it will just take time for me to adjust (same thing with not able to start a damn formula on excel with a + sign)… I admit I didn’t use the scratch book as much as I should have in the exam… again, it’s just something I need to get use to.

    Another thing I notice is that I seemed to glance over things much more on screen than it is on paper, again it is something to get used to.

    Edit: Hey ResACt26, do you have an acct on GoActuary? The inability to at least edit your post here is super annoying…