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    Bears Fan Dave

      May have stumbled here by accident, looking for the old Actuarial Outpost. Seems to be a testing page, but can you provide any info on the status of the Outpost? All I can find online is conjecture about whether or not it’s dead.

      Old Timer

        Everyone moved over here:

        Mary Pat Campbell

          Testing …. testing…..

          Patty Kennelly

            This is live now


              It's alive

              Zedd Jung

                Anyone plan to take FA this month?
                I am thinking about taking sometime around thanksgiving week.

                Please invite me to the group if you guys have one for the discussion.

                German Altgelt

                  I would really like to have the old info back in… There is no way that a new website will replace what was available. I guess that’s the price to pay for freebies. DW Simpson should have been more open about it.


                  Some of the old content is still accessible via the Wayback Machine, and searching for certain headlines (like “CAS Unveils New Strategic Plan”) in your favorite search engine might turn up where members of the former community are congregating.

                  Ella Liu

                    I’m going to take FA this weekend too. Please invite me if you have joined any study group. Thank you!
                    My email is liuya3021@gmail.com


                      Test post.

                      Pretty poor wordpress forum….how come when I go to my profile in the top right corner I can’t see the posts I’ve made or topics I’ve started?  I just see a bunch of useless worldpress content.

                      Furthermore why do new topics need to wait to be “approved”?


                        Really funny


                          This thing might be on, but having spent some time in the original, it appears that this aint it. Sure seems more like a marketplace for folks to hawk classes, series, and seminars.  I know the more things change, the less they stay the same – but this is a cold, wet bummer.


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