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    Just wrote MAS-II, I had alot of trouble figuring out how to prepare. Did well on TIA, got a 95% GOAL score, did very well on the previous exams. This exam felt very hard.
    How is everyone feeling about this exam? What are your plans moving forward for this exam if you fail, now that they wont publish questions anymore?


    Since this is a new exam, I regret not using the source material. GOAL questions were very unrealistic, TIA was somewhat unrealistic. But, TIA had very good Practice Exams, and David goes above and beyond for the students. If I rewrite this exam in 2021, I’ll definitely be putting the majority of my time on the source material.

    Elizabeth Carr

      What study materials helped the most for Exam MAS II?

      Matthew Prelaz

        I’m also interested in what study materials helped the most. Most things I have seen have said to focus on the source material, but where are the best practice problems/exams available?

      Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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