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    Hybrid Actuary

      Hi all,

      Just looking for general career advice here – my 10+ years background is split halfway between actuarial (personal and commercial lines) and CAT modeling. A few years ago, I finally decided to make a permanent switch, stopping exams altogether as I didn’t see the point if it they don’t apply to my field. I do honestly enjoy the CAT modeling work a lot more, especially where I am (the team is small – just me and my boss) as I get to have my hands in everything – I have direct exposure to the C-suite, I get to code, use data visualization, analyze numbers, just really love the work I get to do day to day.

      However, I’m only 33 years old and I love to learn. In my spare time, I love to understand how the CAT models work, regularly read up on climate change, and have created a plug-and-play budget template I’m about to sell on Etsy (I do the household finances and so this was something I’ve tweaked and refined over a decade). All seems well except for this tiny little itch I have in regards to how I left my exams – I have Exam 5, 6US, OC2 and the Course on Professionalism left before I can get my ACAS.

      I feel like I should just suck it up and finish them!

      Life’s gotten in the way here in there – I passed my first exam while 8 months pregnant with my first, went through a nasty divorce, death of loved ones, my second child has ASD (albeit on the “higher” end of the spectrum) and now pregnant with my third. I’m planning on taking on hobbies like learning the piano and quilting the help “balance” myself out as people think I’m crazy for wanting to take more exams.

      I just love learning – problem solving is like my stimming (I have ASD too) so I figure why not pass exams and get credentialed while I’m at it?

      Maybe I am a little nuts, but would love to hear from other actuaries or actuaries-in-the-making or even former actuaries too!

      Any thoughts?



        Except the actuarial exams, maybe you can try the CAT certification exams, like RMS’s CCRA or AIR’s CEEM, or CAS Institute’s CSCR/CCRMP.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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