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    stuart salton

      Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has advice for doing algebra-based questions on upper level computer-based exams. For example, the kinds of questions that involve finding the value of a specific variable that is embedded in a longer formula.

      On preliminary/paper based exams, we would be easily able to write out the formulas and perform algebra to simplify and isolate the variable, and then solve for it. However, on the free-form excel sheet that CBT provides us, I find it very time consuming and difficult to rearrange algebraic expressions and solve for a specific variable.

      Luckily it seems like upper-level exams have very few of these types of questions, however they are still present, and what would otherwise be a straight-forward question now runs into the problem of having to use excel to rearrange algebra, which I have found to be a cumbersome task.

      Does anyone here have advice for doing these types of questions? Thanks in advance


        I’m setting unknown variable to an initial estimate. Then continue problem as normal with that estimate. Then change estimate to get answer I need.

        So basically doing a goal seek and skipping the algebra

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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