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      With Exam PA a little off cycle from the rest of the exams, I am struggling with the next requirement to work on. While I feel good about my Dec Exam PA, I am struggling with the next steps. Grades not being released until late Feb would only leave about 2.5 months until the FSA exam dates, that doesn’t seem like enough time to prepare considering the massive amount of readings.

      I am starting the ILA Module now, and the SOA recommended life track order has the 3 FSA modules to be completed before exams. Initially I had planned on taking the modules between exams so that I don’t miss an exam cycle. That doesn’t really seem feasible now with an 11 week grading period wait.

      Any advice for those of us that finished our last ASA requirements and are moving on to the FSA requirements?

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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