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      Dear friends,

      Hope you are all doing great. I am planning to take the SRM exam in may, and would like to know what courses, books, etc. would best work to prepare for this exam, or what would be the best way to prepare for it.

      Any help and/or guidance will be greatly appreciated.

      Best regards,


      Dan Kamka


        May is very close so I recommend Coaching Actuaries complete bundle.   Videos are by far the best around and you have everything you’ll need:

        -video instruction


        -coaches and forums

        -Adapt/practice exams

        Dan Kamka

          If you only want a study manual, the I highly recommend Actex.  You might consider this option with the less costly GOAL practice question anc exam system.

          Sam Lai

            I passed last week. I use coaching actuaries (adapt + manual, no videos)

            Practice as much as you can, make sure you understand the reason why the statement is true/false of each question



              I am appearing for May 2021 SRM exam. Let’s connect to discuss and share knowledge. It will help to build momentum and strategise for exam.


            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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