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    Rogers Kamau

      My questions are, I have a 2.85 GPA in my undergraduate but I upgraded it with an MBA from a foreign country where I got a 3.3GPA. Kindly advise me about where I stand with my actuarial career and in terms of getting an entry job.

      secondly, Can I be able to get an actuarial job with one exam, one internship, MBA, and CAS program certificate?

      Since I have those two degrees, do I need another degree from the USA, or I concentrate on my actuarial exams?

      Kindly advise.


        Just from my experience, it is more important to have internship experience and pass exams.

        Your GPA might hinder you for getting that initial entry level spot, but if you already had an internship, hopefully you can build off of that.

        I have 2 bachelor degrees (General Studies & Math) and an MBA. Nobody has cared about the Master’s degree for me. Most actuaries don’t need anything beyond a bachelor’s. Having an internship, Excel experience, and exam progression have always seemed to be the main criteria my interviewers were concerned with when I was interviewing. Coding experience always seemed to help too.

        Your GPA may be the deciding factor between you and another strong candidate for an entry level spot. You’ll probably just need to really emphasize your proficiency in Excel, coding, and ability to pass exams.

        Robert Green

          the internship is a key

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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