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      I am burned out with the exam process and don’t want to continue. I have one FSA exam and all three modules completed. I also have failed my current exam 3 times (likely a fourth) and don’t want to run it back. I think I’ll be ok taking the hit to career advancement in exchange for a better quality of life. My ego might take longer to recover but I’ll be ok in the end. Anyone else make this decision?


        come on you’ve tried 3 times, the more you take the probability of passing is higher, It took me 5 times (I took one for fun and got 5,4,5 next) for my first one and likely 4th time next spring for the second one.

        for me it’s not about careers or salaries anymore, it’s just give myself a closure on this shit after all these years. once you give up, all your efforts for those two exams are in vain. Cheer up, we can do this!


          I’m kinda in a similar boat. Just 1 exam before ASA. Curious to see if this works out.

          Marsh Ray

            Same thing occurred to me while doing uae visa check by passport number and it kept on rejecting time and time again but at last it cleared. You should keep on trying, you never know how close you are. best wished for your next attempt.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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