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    Casual Fellow

      We are happy to announce that the CF/RF Joint Online Seminar is coming to Exam 9 for the Spring 2021 sitting! The joint seminar will include the following:

      • CF Study Guide
      • CF Review Videos & Problem Videos
      • CF Flashcards (similar to the CF original essay problems for Exam 7)
      • Past CAS Problems & Solutions (Excel-based)
      • RF Cookbook (PDF and Excel-based)
      • RF Practice Problem Bank (PDF and Excel-based)
      • RF High-Level Summaries
      • Two RF Practice Exams (PDF and Excel-based)

      We are planning to release the joint online seminar in mid-January. Two of the CF components (flashcards & problem videos) will not be complete at that time. They will be released in stages through the second half of January and February.

      Details (including samples) will be posted to http://www.casualfellow.com and http://www.risingfellow.com by the end of this week.

      -Michael & Steve

      Janet Locane


        Casual Fellow

          The CF/RF Exam 9 Joint Online Seminar has officially launched! Please visit https://www.casualfellow.com or https://www.risingfellow.com for details!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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