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      I searched a few sites about actuarial exam and found that there are way more people in ILA track. I am not sure which track to go with.

      For those of the people who are in CFE track, may I ask if you think the case study make the exam prep difficult or easy? People may argue it is difficult because you have to apply knowledge to specific context and people may argue it is easy because you can try to think about what question may be asked about those companies based on the case study.

      I am not sure about the memorization in the ILA track, I heard about there are lots of memorization and boring stuff for LFM about regulation. Does that means lot of memorization on how IFRS 17 works? like the accounting process of doing estimation for a product?

      Also, for people in both track, do you use your knowledge in exam in everyday work or do you think your work is way better to complete if you follow certain track? or the track doesn’t matter?



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