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      Hi, I am a member of SOA and IFOA and planning to write IFM or CM2. Does, anyone know which one is easier to attempt?


        IFM is definitely not easy compared to CM2. However, IFM study module by coaching actuary is too good that one can learn a lot compared to CM2. Coaching Actuary study module is bit expensive but its 100% worth if you are looking for gaining good hands on conceptual understanding of Investment market and its actuarial application in very deeper level but CM2 would not give that level of understanding on real world actuarial application. CM2 covers major Quant aspects (which is repetitive in SP6) where as IFM covers both CM2 part as well as more on derivative market and option strategic which is more relevant at the ASA/AIA level. So, it’s actually depends on the need of an individual rather easy or difficult. Furthermore, SOA questioning style is very different compared to IFoA, for example: SOA only asks conceptual question rather any bookish or definition type. Memorising the subject won’t work in SOA exam style. Study style wise, Coaching Actuary provides all the study schedule and guidance to pass the exam. If one would follow exact method then most likely this will give positive result at one go with best possible knowledge. I hope this helps.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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