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      It’s the New Year and time to make some resolutions, or at least reflect on where you see yourself in 2023. It’s also a good time to take stock of where you are in your career path and if you are on target to reach your career goals. You can get started by asking yourself a few questions:


      Is my current job a path toward my future goals? Do you have a clear idea of your future in the industry? Are you more of an independent contributor looking for a remote opportunity or do you see yourself as a future high-level manager or Chief Actuary? You may want to consider how your goals have changed from college or your first job and spend some time re-evaluating what you want in your future and how you can attain those career goals.


      Do I enjoy my work? Consider how you feel when you start work each day, are you energized and excited or are you anxious and a victim of the “Sunday Scaries”? Some considerations may be whether you are happy with your managers or the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, environmental or ethical issues. Do you feel valued and respected? Another factor can be whether you feel creatively and intellectually challenged.


      Does my compensation line up with my experience? Compensation is one of the ways we feel valued by our employers. To get an idea of current salaries for comparable roles you will want to do some research. You can start by checking out the DW Simpson website at dwsimpson.com, where you will find an up to the minute list of open roles, plus a salary survey specific to the actuarial industry. Our website is a great place to get an overview of the current job market.


      Am I an active participant in my career trajectory or relying on my current manager/company? It’s great to have a mentor who can help guide you as you become established in the industry. You should also have a plan for your career, and for reaching each new milestone. Reviewing your plan and goals yearly is a good way to make sure that you stay on track.


      Can my current company provide me with the career opportunities I need to reach my goals? It’s important to look at your current role in your company with an eye towards your ultimate career goals. Does your current situation allow for growth, learning opportunities, and creative and intellectual challenges? Is there room for you to move up within the organization in a timely manner? These are all questions to be considered.


      If you decide that it’s time to look outside your current company for opportunities that align with your career goals, DW Simpson brings the experience and industry contacts that will assist you in finding your next opportunity. With over 30 years of experience placing actuaries and analysts your assigned recruiter can provide information on roles that align with your goals and will take you through the process from helping with your resume to negotiating your offer!

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