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      Starting this since I’m skipping the Fall 2021 sitting… looking for suggestions on study material, prioritization of reading material, number of hours spent studying, and anything else you’d deem useful for this exam.

      Thanks in advance!



        Zachary Oliveira

          I’m using Battle Acts and I like it so far. He prioritizes the readings for you and has you go through them in order of importance on the exam (as opposed to chronological order, since most readings are disconnected). It’s been helpful to have someone do all of that groundwork for you.


            Has anyone attempted the sample questions through the Pearson VUE/CAS website?

            There is one question that I believe is from exam 6 material that I can’t find any information on in the TIA study manual.

            The question is:

            Briefly describe four key principles the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) uses in its risk assessment of insurance companies.


            Marco De Virgilis

              Hi everyone,

              Does anyone have any idea on how to find the book:

              Insurance Regulation, K. Porter

              I cannot find it anywhere I looked for.


                Anyone who has used the Pearson VUE/CAS website to access the sample questions?

                In the TIA study guide[url=https://ectipakistan.com/factors-of-38/],[/url] I can’t locate any information about one question that I think is from test 6 material.

                The inquiry is:

                Give a brief explanation of the four main principles the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) relies on when evaluating the risk of insurance businesses.

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