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      Like everyone else still waiting for results to come out and also watching the time tick away between now and the Spring sitting I was wondering if anyone had any insight on the online course options for Exam 7.

      I’ve used TIA for a while now for prior exams and very much enjoy their offline availability options. It isn’t very clear how much Excel transitioning has been done for their Exam 7 Online Course so I’m looking at potentially switching over to Casual Fellow(probably the bundle with Rising Fellows) since it looks like all problems are in Excel now with their course. Aside from general feedback on either of the courses or any options that I may have missed I had some specific questions about TIA and CF/RF.

      For TIA I was wondering if anyone has seen the extent of Excel availability with the problems yet and how the overall course/instructor are since I haven’t had any courses with this instructor yet.

      For Casual Fellow I was wondering whether there are any offline options like TIA has which I have found to be very beneficial to me.

      I’m planning to get the Rising Fellows cookbook regardless of which online course option I select so it really comes down to the Casual Fellow course vs the TIA one.

      Thank you in advance for any insight anyone can provide!


        Alejandro from TIA is great. Pretty sure their past exams and practice exams are in Excel. TIA is very thorough, especially for ERM. You will really understand the material when you’re done but you’ll need to put in the time. I think there’s almost double the time in videos compared to CF.

        Casual Fellow is much lighter and doesn’t go into as much detail but the instructor is solid and if you’re short on time, that might be a more practical option.

        The Rising Fellow Cookbook is great. I’d suggest getting that as a standalone with the problem pack if you can.

        I’ve used all three throughout my three sittings.


          Casual Fellow / Rising Fellow was excellent.


            Any recommendations for the online course options for exam 8? Thanks!


              Does anyone know where I can find clear instructions on how to apply for an ACAS and what we need to submit with our application?


                I’m annoyed by how Exam 7 and 9 aren’t offered in Fall 2021. SOrry I just felt like venting here for a bit 😀

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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