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    Ian Tkach


      I’m studying for MAS-I using The Infinite Actuary’s seminar, with an exam sitting date of October 20.  So far, I’ve kept on pretty good track for completing the video lessons (particularly since the Statistics, Linear Models / GLM, and Time Series sections are partially a review of material I’ve learned before).

      However, one thing I’m worried about is that when I finish the lessons and start focusing on practice problems + exams, I might end up being rusty on earlier sections of the syllabus.  In particular, the practice exam I did yesterday highlighted that my retention for the Stochastic Processes formulas/methods/etc. is really poor at the moment, and that some of the earlier concepts + formulas for Statistics are also hit-and-miss.


      Does anybody have any recommendations for ways I can review the material from previous lessons as I go?  (Below are two ideas I’ve started implementing; however, I am obviously open to new suggestions!)

      1. Use TIA’s Flashcards system to review “big picture” concepts from earlier lessons; flag the ones I keep getting stuck on, go back to rewatch those when possible, and do some additional practice problems (?)
      2. Sit down (virtually for now) with old friend / college classmate who is also in a math/stats path, ask him to quiz me on the formula sheets
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