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      I saw CAS posted the passing rate for Fall 2020 exams. I am curious how people feel about it. Looks like the passing rates for most exams are close to recent years. Exam 5 and 7 are a lot higher than 2019, while 9 is lower. Wondering if the Spring sitting will adjust anything based on that.

      I put the link to check the passing rate:




        They definitely seemed on the high end across the board but I feel like that is only fair especially for exams that are usually offered 2x a year but candidates only had one opportunity due to COVID-19.

        In terms of what CAS is going to do on a test by test basis, it is anybody’s guess. I wouldn’t waste too much energy trying to figure out how hard/easy they are going to grade based on prior results. I would however anticipate an increase in length to account for CBT this time around.

        I took Exam 5 written 2x and was very short on time but with CBT I had lots of extra time.


          If anyone still wants to see the passing rate, the location looks like it was moved.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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