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      I submitted my EOM7 on March 26 and haven’t received my grade yet. It’s almost 6 weeks.

      Is it time to follow up or should wait more? Any input would be appreciated.


      Leland Hunt

        I submitted my EOM6 on April 1st and also haven’t received my grade.

        I haven’t been waiting as long as you but it does seem like they are behind with grading in general, I think we’ll just have to wait more.

        Sydney Rodich

          I submitted EOM3 on March 7 and no results yet, so I would agree – they seem to be behind on grading. However, I did receive a DNMMR from EOM5 at the 5.5 week mark.


            I submitted EMA 7 on 3/6 and FINALLY got pass results today. This one took the longest to get back, almost exactly 2 months. I did email to make sure it was still in the grading process and they said they are way behind right now.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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