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    Jim Daniel

      27 December 2021


      After over 32 years helping a couple of thousand candidates prepare for actuarial exams, and at the age of 81, I’m now fully retiring from the actuarial education business, having stopped teaching my face-to-face exam-prep short courses (“seminars”), and having shut down my actuarialseminars.com website..


      In appreciation for all the pleasure and rewards I’ve received from actuarial learners, I’m making available for free all my pdf-file Seminar Excerpts (5 to 12 pages of explanation on each key topic) for both the current LTAM and STAM exams; these should continue to be useful for the coming exams FAM, ALTAM, and ASTAM.


      Here is the URL for downloading my LTAM Seminar Excerpts from my Dropbox:



      And here is the URL for downloading my STAM Seminar Excerpts from my Dropbox:



      Best wishes to all aspiring to become credentialed actuaries!


      Jim Daniel


    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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