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      What does everyone recommend for study materials for this exam? I’ve heard arguments for both TIA and MATE and I’m having a hard time deciding!

      Lilly Luo

        Hello! I recommend you check out JustEnoughPrep.com . We designed the site specifically for the GH DP exam. At JEP we offer digital outlines, notecards, and customizable practice exams. What makes us unique is we offer personalized progress tracking and previous exam insights so you can optimize your study time.

        I took the DP-equivalent exam in 2019 and found the study materials quite antiquated. I’ve since pivoted out of actuary work into software engineering and built the product I wish had existed when studying for the exam.

        Please check out the Demo feature to try the product out – risk free – for a week before you decide to buy. Open to any questions / feedback!

        Damon McMahon

          In 2019, I was required to take the exam that is equivalent to the DP, and I found the study materials to be quite dated. Since then, I’ve transitioned out of working as an actuary and into the field of software engineering basket random, where I’ve created the product that I wished already existed when I was studying for the exam.

          Tim Magnuson

            Hi! I’m Tim, and I’m the instructor for GHDP for PAK Study Manuals. There are lots of good materials available, and it really comes down to what your learning style is. At PAK, we offer study manuals (both full length and condensed), as well as flash cards, practice exams questions, and other resources. We will start getting into videos in the near future. Other programs offer videos, or a more interactive setup. You need to go with what’s best for you, your learning style, and what gives you the best chance to pass the exam. If you aren’t sure about what may be best for you, or if you have any questions about the process and material (even if you don’t want to go the PAK route), feel free to reach out. I’m found on the “About Us” page on the PAK website.


            Tim – PAK GHDP Instructor

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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