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    Khalid Alajaji

      Hello Everyone,

      I am starting to prepare for the Group and Health Design and Pricing (DP) exam and seeking your feedback on the study manuals available and what are your views on each? What did you like on each and why you choose one over the other?

      The SOA website include two manuals providers: PAK and The Infinite Actuary

      For the ones that took the exam? How does the manual cover the exam? Did you have to reach for other sources for any specific sections? Can you highlight shortfalls if any?

      I note that PAK is quite active on this website, your inputs are also appreciated 🙂


      Tim Magnuson

        Hi! I’m Tim, and I’m the instructor for PAK for the GHDP exam. I do try to be active here, but between various responsibilities and events, it’s not always as frequent as I’d like.  The goal of the PAK manual is to be as thorough while trying to not be overwhelming. Part of the way we do that is trying to have several items that can be used either independently (e.g., flashcards, practice exam, etc.), or as a complete whole (Study Manual Package). Do you have any specific questions about the various resources I can help address?


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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