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    Jim Daniel

      Jim Daniel’s Learning Resources: free, or cheap, or not

      I’m offering various LTAM learning resources, some free and some not. See below.

      Who am I?
      I’m Jim Daniel, ASA, PhD. For 21 years—from 1989 to my retirement in 2010—I was Director of the actuarial program at the University of Texas at Austin, where I had been elected to its small honorary Academy of Distinguished Teachers. I taught intensive face-to-face exam-prep seminars from 1994 until 2020, most recently for LTAM and STAM; these were attended by many hundreds over the years, mainly from the U.S. or Canada, but (rarely) someone flew in from England, France, Germany, Japan, China, or Hong Kong.

      Seminar Excerpts for sale
      I prepared 41 short (average about six pages of text) pdf files of Seminar Excerpts for LTAM, selling for $3 each or $110 for all 41. Each covers some core ideas just as in my face-to-face seminars. You can find the list of titles/topics at my website http://www.actuarialseminars.com .

      Micro-seminars for sale
      I offer individually customized sessions on Zoom on any aspect of the exam; these can consist of lecture, practice problems, answering questions, or whatever. For information, see my website http://www.actuarialseminars.com .

      Free weekly 35-minute Zoom help & review sessions
      Every Tuesday at 5 pm California time (Pacific Time), I host a free Zoom session reviewing a topic requested (or chosen by me if no requests have been made). You can find the schedule of topics for these sessions and the URL for linking to them at my website http://www.actuarialseminars.com . You can request a topic to be covered by sending me e-mail at jimdaniel@actuarialseminars.com .

      Free videos by Steve Paris
      With the enthusiastic approval of Steve Paris, I’m releasing the MLC videos he made for the now-defunct AbacusLI for anyone interested in a free learning resource on much of the material on LTAM. Note that I’ve not deleted videos on any material no longer on the LTAM syllabus, and that not everything on the LTAM syllabus is covered in these MLC videos. Nonetheless, since Steve is a great teacher I’m sure that many learners will find these videos helpful. Here’s the URL to the folder on my Dropbox that you can download with all Steve’s videos:
      https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7rtc9xz8z02r6t2/AAAJ_Pnb9XO5PsJdXeXEXMgxa?dl=0 .
      It’s a big folder, almost 5 GB, so be patient; I’ve broken the folder into several smaller pieces and suggest that you download one piece at a time. Some employer’s networks block downloads from Dropbox, so you may need to download elsewhere.

      Jim Daniel
      Jim Daniel’s Actuarial Seminars

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