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    Derek Mulder

      The job market appears to have picked-up over the past several months. I’ve seen more open positions and many that are allowing for remote work.


        Same. Feels bad for EL missing internships and job offers being rescinded.


          Farmers is looking for a Commercial Auto Actuary, ACAS.

          Tu Be’Av

            Must mean some big economic collapse or something, IDK everyone has been talking about it for like 5781 years.

            Simon Clarkson

              It really has picked up, but it really depends on where you worked and for who you were employed for! The whole pandemic parody has brought most of the society’s middle class to its knees and that’s an understatement! I really tried to stay positive the first months of this whole drama story but after June I was done waiting in a corner crying for the future! This is when I realized that having a side hustle is of paramount importance now more than ever and this is where my passion for cars came to life and my first actual business was realized with no real capital needed from my side.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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