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    Howard Heller

      We at ActuaryExamTutor are offering 30 Days to FAM-L Mastery starting Saturday, January 28th with the single goal to lead exam candidates to be in the strongest possible position to pass FAM-L during the March 2023 sitting. Led by a highly experienced FSA/university instructor, this 5-week intensive program provides a wide spectrum of group and individual features to elevate and maximize students exam preparation skills over the critical final 5 weeks leading into the March exam sitting.

      In addition to live lectures and follow-up Open Forums each Saturday morning to review critical FAM-L syllabus topics and problem solving, 30 Days to FAM-L Mastery also offers registered students the invaluable program features of Email Correspondence, Online Office Hours, and Private Mini Sessions to receive individual help, coaching, and exam guidance from our FSA program instructor throughout the program leading up to the exam sitting.

      For more detailed information about 30 Days to FAM-L Mastery, please visit the program link below:


      We look forward to leading you to passing FAM-L during the March 2023 sitting.








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