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    Howard Heller

      30 Days to FAM-L Mastery, led by Catey Foley, FSA, will elevate your self-study exam skills to a completely new level of mastery over the critical final 5 weeks leading into the Exam FAM-L and Exam FAM sitting

      Take advantage of the live group lectures to maximize your conceptual understanding and problem-solving skills AND the individual program features of Email Correspondence, Online Office Hours, and Private Mini Sessions in which Ms. Foley will work with you on a One-on-One basis.

      The one goal of 30 Days to FAM-L Mastery is that you walk into the sitting fully prepared to pass!

      For more information and to Register, please click the link below:


      Please watch an informational video about 30 Days to FAM-L Mastery by clicking the link below:


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