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    Howard Heller

      We at ActuaryEamTutor are offering “30 Days to LTAM Mastery” starting March 26th for LTAM students preparing for the April 2022 exam sitting. For students determined to pass LTAM during this final exam sitting, you do not want to miss out on this powerful live program.  Led by Siegfried Anyomi, an exam specialist in preparing students to pass LTAM, the program provides students with an intensive 30 days of live exam problem solving/written response section lectures, private individual help, and much more with the focus to lead students to master BOTH the multiple choice and written response sections of LTAM prior to their exam sitting.

      Please click the link below to learn the powerful features of 30 Days to LTAM Mastery 


      30 Days to LTAM Mastery will place you in the strongest position to pass LTAM during the final April 2022 sitting.

      **All members receive a FREE copy of Deeper Understanding, Faster Calculation for LTAM by Yufeng Guo in PDF format ($250 value). This tremendous LTAM exam preparation resource offers (10) practice exams with complete solutions and includes a section dedicated to how to maximize partial credit on the written response section of LTAM.

      Siegfried Anyomi has not only been incredibly helpful and a key component to my successful exam preparation but he has also changed my approach to studying for the better. His tips regarding exam strategy and preparation, accompanied by his well-structured lectures, course material, and provided problems have helped me continue to progress immensely. Overall, he (and ActuaryExamTutor as a whole) has remained truly dedicated to helping students succeed…. Jenny H.

      Live Testimonial below from Sarah F. Sharing How 30 Days to LTAM Mastery Led Her to Passing LTAM During the October 2021 Sitting






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