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    Howard Heller

      Hello Exam 8 Candidates For The October 2022 Sitting:

      We at ActuaryExamTutor are offering The Exam 8 4-Part Seminar Series starting on October 10th for exam candidates preparing for the October 2022 sitting.  Led by Mundia Mubyana, FCAS, he will provide an in-depth review of both the theory and problem solving for four critical exam topics that many students struggle to master.

      Each live seminar will be broken down into 2 days with Day 1 a review of the theory of the seminar topic and Day 2 a review of the solutions to exam questions of the seminar topic. The Exam 8 Seminar Series will also offer each student the added program features of Email Correspondence and Online Office Hours with Mundia Mubyana.

      For more information about The Exam 8 (Advanced Ratemaking) 4-Part Seminar Series, please click the link below:


      We encourage candidates to join The Exam 8 4-Part Seminar Series. We are confident that the Exam 8 theory and problem solving skills which you gain from the seminars will significantly benefit you the day of your Exam 8 sitting




      David Wolpov

        I noticed there are very few recent posts in the ActuarialOutpust forums. Is there another actuarial chat somewhere else that is more active?

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