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    Howard Heller

      Hello Exam FM Candidates:

      If you are committed to passing Exam FM, The Exam FM 2-Day Intensive Prep Program is going to help you immeasurably to pass.  Led by Dr. Geoffrey Apel, one of the finest and most experienced FM exam instructors in the profession, he is going to provide students with 2 days of invaluable problem solving strategies, techniques, methods, shortcuts, ‘tricks’, and much more to take students problem solving skills to a much more advanced level.

      At the conclusion of the two day live program, students will be able to answer a much wider scope of FM problems and work through solving problems in a much more efficient manner.

      The Exam FM 2-Day Intensive Prep Program will elevate your FM problem solving skills well beyond what is even remotely possible by self-study resources alone.

      Learn More & Register @ http://www.actuaryexamtutor.com/exam-fm-2-day-intensive-prep-program/




      (212) 874-4105

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