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    Howard Heller

      Join The Exam IFM 5-Part Seminar Series starting February 6th led by the highly respected and outstanding IFM instructor Dr. Geoffrey Apel in preparaton for the March 2022 sitting. During each live seminar, Dr. Apel will share and demonstrate invaluable strategies, methods, and shortcuts to attack and solve IFM problems the best ways, while significantly advancing students problem solving skills.

      The Exam IFM 5-Part Seminar Series Provides Students With The Following:

      √ Gain a strong conceptual understanding of challenging IFM topics that will be critical to passing IFM

      √ Bridge the gap between understanding syllabus concepts and application of concepts to solving exam problems

      √ Learn invaluable strategies, techniques, and shortcuts to attack and solve IFM problems the best ways

      √ Understand essential principles behind common IFM formulas

      √ Learn time-saving strategies for lengthy computations

      √ Students are encouraged to ask questions during seminars

      √ All seminars recorded and available to students

      For more information and to register, please click the link below:


      ‘This was my first experience using ActuaryExamTutor while preparing to sit for IFM.  Dr. Apel did a phenomenal job breaking down crucial concepts and providing a different perspective on how to solve very difficult questions. The insight I gained from the live seminars prepared me even more for those challenging questions and boosted my confidence even more. I would definitely recommend this program to every actuarial student. ActuaryExamTutor has proven to me that they are a game changer in the actuarial study preparation world’ Christina A.

      Thank you,






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