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    Howard Heller

      Hello Exam IFM Candidates:

      We at ActuaryExamTutor.com are offering The Exam IFM 5-Part Seminar Series beginning Saturday, June 19th.  If you are dedicated to passing IFM during the July exam sitting, but are still struggling to reach an exam preparation level necessary to pass, this program is for you.

      Led by Dr. Geoffrey Apel, one of the finest exam instructors in the profession, he is going to significantly advance your exams skills during these seminars, simplifying difficult concepts and showing great ways to solve problems, knowledge that you will not gain from self-study alone, and which will place you in a much stronger position to pass IFM.

      √ Gain a strong conceptual understanding of challenging IFM topics that will be critical to passing IFM

      √ Bridge the gap between understanding syllabus concepts and applying them to solving exam problems

      √ Understand essential principles behind common formulas

      √ Learn time-saving strategies for lengthy computations

      √ Learn invaluable strategies, techniques, and shortcuts to attack and solve exam problems the most effective and efficient ways

      √ All students will receive a FREE 30-day subscription to the ACTEX Learning tool GOAL ((https://www.actexmadriver.com/goal/)

      Seminar 1: Essentials of Options, Forwards, and Futures  (June 19th)

      https://www.dropbox.com/s/ochj05elk7gcygq/IFM%201%20Options%20Forwards%20Futures%20-%20color.pdf?dl=0 (Seminar Preview)

      ·         Defining options is easy, but how should you think about them?

      ·         A good system for handling complicated portfolios

      ·         Two important additional graphs to know

      ·         Combining Graphs – solving difficult problems quickly

      ·         Synthetic Forwards – understanding Cash & Carry arbitrage

      ·         Futures – how to manage it all

      ·         Insurance strategies and hedging using options

      Seminar 2: Prepaid Forwards and Option Bounds (June 20th)

      https://www.dropbox.com/s/uwxmkhrhk0kdr1x/IFM%202%20Prepaid%20Forwards%20Option%20Bounds%20-%20color.pdf?dl=0  (Seminar Preview)

      ·         Prepaid Forwards – why so important?

      ·         Put-Call Parity – The golden formula

      ·         Put-Call Duality

      ·         Currency Options

      ·         Option Bounds – an easy way to remember them

      ·         Option Bounds – exploiting arbitrage

      ·         American Options – when to early exercise

      Seminar 3: Advanced Options (June 26th)

      https://www.dropbox.com/s/8160p6m0y20hteg/IFM%203%20Exotic%20Options%20Risk%20Neutral%20Pricing%20-%20color.pdf?dl=0 (Seminar Preview)

      ·         Exotic Options & their payoffs

      ·         Risk-Neutral Pricing – what exactly is that?

      ·         Binomial Pricing on Exotic Options

      ·         Replicating Portfolios – Handling Arbitrage

      ·         Replicating Portfolios for Futures Contracts

      Seminar 4: Lognormal Stock Prices (June 27th)

      https://www.dropbox.com/s/wiix5oujxbjccn4/IFM%204%20Lognormal%20Stock%20Prices%20-%20color.pdf?dl=0 (Seminar Preview)

      ·         Normal Distribution – the properties that will change your world!

      ·         Lognormal Problems Made Easy

      ·         Estimating Expected Return & Volatility (given historical prices)

      ·         Probabilities & Expected Values – Risk-neutral & true probabilities

      ·         Risk-Neutral Pricing (revisited)

      ·         Black-Scholes Formula – which version to always use

      ·         Pricing Exchange & Currency Options – overcoming the common issues

      Seminar 5: Greeks, Delta-Hedging, & Exotic Options (June 27th)

      https://www.dropbox.com/s/x9oogmbfk69rzuz/IFM%205%20Greeks%20Hedging%20Exotic%20-%20color.pdf?dl=0 (Seminar Preview)

      ·         The Greeks – what are they? and what to actually know?

      ·         Elasticity – how to work with it, and why is it so important

      ·         Delta hedging the easy way

      ·         Hedging Anything With Anything

      ·         Prepaid Forwards (revisited) – the key to everything

      ·         Exotic Options (revisited) – Forward Start, Chooser, Gap, Shout, & Rainbow

      ·         Max, Min options

      For more information and to register, please visit the link below:







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