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    Howard Heller

      We at ActuaryExamTutor are offering The Exam P 5-Week Bootcamp beginning this Saturday February 5th  in preparation for the March 2022 Exam P sitting.  Led by Dr. Aaron Goldsmith, this 5-week bootcamp offers an intensive live program with the key focus to significantly advance students P/1 problem solving skills combined with supplemental conceptual review of exam syllabus topics over the next 5 weeks leading into the exam sitting.

      What is also critically valuable about this program is that in addition to the live lectures each Saturday, all bootcamp members will have the opportunity to receive individual instructional help from Dr. Goldsmith throughout the program with the additional program features of Email Correspondence, Online Office Hours, and Private Mini-Sessions.  The bootcamp will advance students exam preparation skills to levels well beyond what can be achieved from solely relying on self-study resources, with the goal to pass Exam P during the March sitting.

      The Exam P 5-Week Boootcamp offers the following:

      √ Weekly 2-hour live online lectures with Dr. Goldsmith sharing and demonstrating strategies, methods, and shortcuts for mastering Exam P problem solving

      √ Open Forum immediately following each lecture for students to ask questions of Dr. Goldsmith

      √ Problem sets throughout program for students to reinforce acquired problem solving skills

      √ Email Correspondence with Dr. Goldsmith throughout program

      √ Bi-Weekly Online Office Hours with Dr. Goldsmith

      √ Mini-private sessions in which students can schedule times to meet with Dr. Goldsmith

      √ All lectures recorded and available to students

      For more information and to register, please click the link below:


      ‘I worked with Aaron Goldsmith to get ready for Exam P. He led a program that presented problems that were the same level of difficulty as the exam. I also took advantage of office hours to ask questions on topics where I was getting stuck. He also met with me one-on-one so we could discuss more problems that I needed help with. I found Dr. Goldsmith to be very knowledgeable and the program to be very helpful’…….Daniel K.






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