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    Howard Heller

      We at ActuaryExamTutor.com are offering The Exam P Preparation Program starting December 6th. This six week comprehensive and structured intensive live online program will provide students with the all of the necessary group and individual learning features to prepare them to pass Exam P under the hands-on and personalized teaching, coaching, and guidance of Professor Charles Major, a specialist and expert in P/1 exam preparation. The program will help students master their understanding of critical P/1 syllabus topics/concepts and most importantly greatly advance their ability to attack and solve P/1 problems effectively and efficiently.

      Charles Major has accumulated over 40 years of experience in leading students to academic and actuarial exam success. Professor Major leads classes at both New York University and University of North Florida for students preparing for their actuarial exams, specializing in Exams P, FM, and IFM. Professor Major holds a BS in Math and Statistics from University of New Hampshire, MS in Math, Statistics, and Operations Research for Finance from New York University, and is working towards a PhD in Math and Science from University of New Hampshire.

      The Exam P Preparation Program provides the following:
      √ Weekly 2-hour live online class lectures each Sunday morning integrating P/1 syllabus concept building with problem solving
      √ Open Forum immediately following each lecture for students to review any P/1 syllabus topics or problem solving with program instructor
      √ Weekly problem sets to reinforce lecture topic understanding and related problem solving
      √ Email correspondence throughout program in which students can email program instructor with questions related to any P/1 topic and problem solving
      √ Online office hours throughout program for students to meet with program instructor to review syllabus topics and problem solving
      √ Mini private sessions available throughout program in which students can schedule times to meet One-on-One with program instructor to review syllabus topics and problem solving
      √ Weekly lectures recorded and distributed to students

      For students interested in a comprehensive and structured live program providing a step by step hands-on preparation process headed by a top and highly experienced P/1 instructor to lead them to passing, this program will provide students with invaluable exam instruction & preparation advancing their Exam P skills well beyond the limits of self-study.

      For more information and to register, please visit the link below:

      (212) 874-4105

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