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    Howard Heller

      We at ActuaryExamTutor.com are offering The Exam STAM 5-Week Bootcamp starting December 27th.  This high intensive and comprehensive live program will provide students with a structured program to both master their knowledge of critical exam syllabus topics and most importantly greatly advance their STAM problem solving skills. In addition to the live lectures given each Sunday covering critical STAM syllabus topics and related problem solving, all program members will also have the invaluable opportunity to receive private One-on-One help from Professor Chueh throughout the program with the program features of (1) The Q&A Email Correspondence (2) Online Office Hours and (3) Private Mini-Sessions.

      Students will receive hands-on and personalized Group & Private teaching, coaching, and guidance from Dr. Yvonne Chueh, a highly experienced STAM expert, throughout the final 5 weeks of the exam preparation period leading into the exam sitting, placing them in the strongest possible position to pass Exam STAM.

      The Exam STAM 5- Week Bootcamp offers students the following:

      (1) Weekly live lectures integrating conceptual understanding of required STAM syllabus topics with the advancement of related problem solving skills

      (2) Open Forum immediately following each weekly lecture in which students can ask questions from any category of STAM syllabus topics/problem solving

      (3) Q&A Email Correspondence feature in which students can email Dr. Chueh with questions they are having from their self-study

      (4) Online Office Hours with Dr. Chueh in which students can review specific exam topics/problem solving which they are having difficulties with

      (5) Scheduling of mini-sessions in which students can meeting privately with Dr. Chueh to review specific exam topics/problems solving which they are having difficulties with

      (6) Access to Program Google Drive in which exam content and problem solving solutions are constantly be added to drive throughout program

      (7) Private STAM Group on LinkedIn open only to program members to communicate with each other and Dr. Chueh

      (8) All weekly lectures recorded and made accessible to students

      For students to learn more about The Exam STAM Pass Preparation Bootcamp and to register, please visit the program link below:


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