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    Ian Tkach

      I started studying for Exam MAS-II last week, and while I’m feeling relatively solid on the material I’ve covered so far, I’m still somewhat nervous due to the fact that it took me two attempts to pass MAS-I.  Particularly given that I didn’t feel confident on my practice exam scores going into either of those attempts, and that (while I ended up passing with a moderately high score) the last month of studying for the second attempt was a chaotic nightmare.

      For those of you who have passed MAS-II, how many attempts did it take?  Do you feel that the difficulty came primarily from having a large number of formulas and terminology to memorize, or from knowing how to apply the formulas, or…?

      (Additionally, while I’m probably going to end up ordering and studying from the source texts anyway, I’m wondering what “third-party” study materials have proven to be helpful beyond the TIA seminar.  Or if there even are any for MAS-II apart from the TIA seminar and the GOAL practice system from Actuarial Bookstore/Actuar. Study Materials.)

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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