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    Matthew Prelaz

      Does anyone have any advice for studying for MAS-II? I just failed for the second time and was very confident walking into the exam this last time. I read through the source material and went through the TIA videos and problems with a GOAL score of 96 going in. After this last sitting, I felt like the practice problems on TIA weren’t really representative of what was on the exam. Everything I have read has said to focus on the source material in more detail and do the exercises, but without an answer key for most of the material I don’t see how the problems are that useful.


      I wish I could help, but I’m in the exact same boat. That was my second sitting that I failed. Used TIA and the source material as well. Stumped on a new game plan for a 3rd sitting.


      I studied harder, knew the material better this time around, and did worse than my first sitting. Legitimately confused and frustrated. If anyone has any tips or tricks it would greatly be appreciated.


        I read the source material multiple times to make sure I understood all the ins and outs. The longer rethinking book I only re-read the chapters that were stumping me, but the shorter texts I probably read 5 times each, specifically chapter 2 of LMM and the MCMC text. I never did any of the problems within the text because I didn’t find them helpful, just focused on knowing every tiny detail in the text. I used TIA as much as I could, but I agree the problems aren’t great. The summary sheets help though

        Damon McMahon

          I did worse than my previous sitting despite working more to study and knowing the content better this time. genuinely perplexed and frustrated. Any advice would be greatly welcomed, if anyone has any.

          geometry dash world

        Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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