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      It looks like all of the new FSA written exam syllabus and dates are up on the respective SOA exam web pages today!

      For those looking to write SDM on the Finance Track next sitting, note that ALL of the SOA study notes are available online, so you can save the $300 those normally cost!    I will have links posted later today on GoActuary as they let me post links there.

      The SDM syllabus changes:

      Big change: The managerial accounting material is no longer there (not a surprise as it was put on the CFE syllabus last sitting)

      Other changes:

      1) added new Budgeting textbook – 6 chapters, but nowhere near as much testable material as the old managerial accounting material
      2) added a chapter from the Valuation book – Ch. 11 on Equity option compensation impact on valuation
      3) 4 new study notes that relate to the strategic management and organizational behavior material – only a modest amount of testable material here
      4) new edition of the Strategic Management textbook – but so far it looks like the only changes in the new edition are the examples used. Will update you when I go through this a bit more.


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