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    Alex Lowe

      I have a few older actuary study guides that I’m looking to get rid of.  They are:

      Probability A study Guide For SOA/CAS Exam P/Exam 1 by G.V. Ramanathan Actuarial ExamPrep 2008

      ACTEX Study Manual SOA Exam P CAS Exam 1 – 2006 Edition Samual A. Broverman

      ASM Study Manual For Exam FM/Exam 2 Financial Mathematics & Financial Economics Ninth Edition by Harold Cherry and Rick Gorvett

      Study Manual MFE/Exam 3F Financial Economics Seventh Edition by Abraham Weishaus

      I don’t know how much these tests have changed over time, so I don’t know if these study guides would be useful to anyone. If anyone wants any of these materials, please let me know. Otherwise, I plan to recycle them. If anyone is interested, I just ask that you pay for shipping.

        1. Is MFE still available?
      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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