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    Charles wong

      Off-site FSA exam is allowed in China due to Covid-19. While current management of this examination mode is too loose and have huge loopholes for cheating.

      Many candidates applied for off-site exam this time even if they can actually go to the local Prometric center, and the application is easily accepted, only a qualified proctor’s name is required. For off-site exam, the supervisors are appointed by the candidates themselves and can be their close friends or even a family member who is qualified. During the exam, no substantial governance is ever adopted, not even a random checking through a web-cam from SOA.

      As communicating with SOA, they consider that code of conduct could ensure the exam discipline, while we don’t think its works if the violation is not punished or not even perceived. We don’t think the fairness and principle of SOA could be ensured in such exam mode.

      We protest against the of-site exam in China and seek for the fairness of the exam. SOA should work out an effective solution to ensure the reasonableness of the proctoring policy, otherwise, it might continue to prejudice the interests of candidates in other countries except China!!!!!

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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