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      I know the exam window just closed today but wondering if anyone has any information regarding the release date of the exams. With computer based testing, I believe this would be a little faster than before?


        Even if the CAS told us a date, would you believe them?


          Lol I wouldn’t! Haha


            Does anyone have an idea of when the MAS-I exam results will be released yet? the 6 week mark is next week.


              The 6 week mark for MAS-1 and MAS-2 is June 14th if I’m not mistaken as the window went until May 3rd.


              No clue when they plan on releasing results but it looks they are opening Fall 2021 registration on June 15th. You would hope they actually release results prior to that but that seems unlikely  for any exams other than MAS-1 and MAS-2 since those would only be around 5 weeks out. I know the process is certainly quicker as you would think they can get the exams immediately to graders  without the need to mail them and then have them scanned in as they did with paper and pencil.


                Just received an email from CAS:

                Dear Candidates,

                The CAS will release results for the Spring 2021 Exams MAS-I and MAS-II on Thursday June 3rd. Results will be released between 2:00 and 3:00 p.m. Candidates will be notified via email when their results are available. Candidates will access their exam grade for the Spring 2021 sitting in the “My Exams” section of their online CAS profile. For candidates that did not pass, a more comprehensive grade report will be available.

                Thank you,

                CAS Office

                When I go to “My exams & grades” and “Get Transcript”, I could see EXAM M1 in my transcript. Does this mean I passed MAS-I?


                  Did the MAS 1 or 2 results get released? Anyone heard anything about the other exams?


                    Are they joking? I thought this was supposed to be easier, faster and more efficient grading…




                    From what I can see it is still taking the full 8 weeks if not longer… CAS is on another level


                      It probably is. Maybe there are less volunteers since they just grade at home.


                        Probably more exams to grade because 7-9 were offered.  Also, I think it is taking them longer to grade in Excel.  Lastly, they used to have a 2 day meeting to regrade all the close grades and reconcile scores on questions between graders.

                        I believe that is not occurring now. So that is taking place across a longer period of time.


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                            I wouldn’t! Haha


                              The My Exams section of the website is pulling in Fall 2020 acknowledgement letter info for me today instead of Spring 2021… I checked that page less than a week ago and it had my Spring 2021 acknowledgement letter. I wonder if that’s because grades for Spring 2021 are coming out soon?


                                My acknowledgment letter has said Fall 2020 since early to mid June. I called and they assured me its just a front end error happening on the website. Not gonna lie – feels better knowing I’m not the only one though!


                                  My grade report for Spring 2021 popped up this morning around 10:45 eastern.  It has since disappeared but I was able to download the grade slip for my exam. It also had the “detailed” grade report with the % range by section (I failed).


                                    Oh wow! I wonder if that’s why it changed – maybe they’re loading up the grade reports & will change it to pull info from Spring 2021 when results are released?

                                    Sorry you didn’t pass, though, that sucks.

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